Under construction. Earth Intelligence Network (EIN), an accredited 501c3, is in search of a 51′ sailboat suitable for a global five year voyage along all coastlines, offering Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) lectures at every stop, a constantly changing crew from all points of the earth given an opportunity to experience the wealth of the Earth, and live streaming of the voyage in a manner never before accomplished, archived in a searchable database of YouTube videos. The boat itself will be an innovation lab demonstrating open source energy and water desalination technologies any village can implement on its own, while publicizing the availability of the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) offered by Open Source Ecology (OSE).

Our intent is to form alliances with naval academies around the world, as well as the top humanities programs around the world, and the major geographic and sailing magazines, to create a new hybrid network of individuals who see the Earth in a new way — and the ability to be good stewards to the Earth using OSEE — in a new way — “from the sea.”

This is a pilot program intended to be replicated by others toward having over 100 such boats at sea or in ports of call at any time, all contributing to the world’s first near-real-time offshore coastline, port of call, remote island database — think Google View “from the sea” combined with Johnny Appleseed spreading OSEE energy-water desalination and free Open Internet solutions one village at a time.

EIN IRS 501c3 Letter

Prospective donors are invited to email Robert David Steele, whose email address is robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com.

Upon written notice of availability and acceptance by EIN of the possibility, EIN will:

01 Pay for a formal appraisal as required by the IRS;

02 Guarantee use of the boat in a non-profit www.world-wide-sail.org capability for a minimum of five years to assure the existing owner of the full deduction;

03 Invite the current owner to chair the steering committee for building the program and the website;

04 Pay the sales commission against the existing sale price;

05 Assume responsibility for all expenses associated with the boat from date of sale to include taking over the insurance and mooring lease;

06 Assure the current owner, whether or not he or she accepts a role in building the program, full access to the boat in place and at allĀ  future locations around the world on a single cabin for two basis.

07 Begin the process of taking the boat completely off the grid, with solar and wind power, water desalination, and world-wide capable Internet access.

The ideal boat for our concept would be a Beneteau Cyclydes from 2008 or later or similar. Boats smaller than 51′ and larger than 65′ cannot be considered.