Preliminary concept: 88 legs will be listed from point to point in a spreadsheet, a four-year time-table integrated, and then offered to naval academies and participating sailing magazines interested in offering up legs to subscribers who wish to be considered for all-expense-paid participation in the only open source world-wide-sail in existence. Accepted crew will be guided in preparing for each leg in advance, inclusive of research into all hazards, weather, emergency landfalls, and so on.

World Map with Arrows

Under construction. Once a boat is acquired, crowd-funding will begin for the off-the-grid preparation. This project will, in addition to sharing open source knowledge along every coastline with an emphasis on villages rather than cities, offer anyone in the world with an Internet connection a live-streaming as well as a searchable archived virtual experience of being a round-the-world offshore sailor.

Interested sponsors — organizational or individual — are most welcome to send an email to Robert David Steele, robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com.